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To go all the way back to financial records in the old days, one might say that first and foremost are listings of deliveries to the temples of ancient Babylon. These are over 4,000 years old and set out in wedge lettering on stone tablets. An overview of what one has and what one owes is one of the most important calculations we make, both to keep our obligations to others and to prioritize within given and realistic frameworks. has more information

People have, so to speak, always been concerned with economics and money, but what exactly is economics? 


The word economy is Greek and is a compound of the noun oikos (house, in the sense: the resources of the house) and the verb nemein (manage). Economics is the teaching of resource management. All of our economy, our management of resources, must be measured against sustainable development locally, nationally and globally.

The essence of economic thinking is that resources are limited and that priorities will have consequences for people and the environment in the present and future. This perspective is important both in terms of personal finances, corporate finances and society’s finances.

Applying loan Without a job is Possible

Applying loan

Knowledge of accounting and economics should make it easier to gain an overview of the relationships between alternative uses of resources and the consequences of choices.
The individual or family as an economic entity usually does not have the overview and opportunities to always act within a global perspective. This also applies to businesses and individual communities. It is not always easy to know what is right in a global perspective. In economic thinking, there are a number of ideological directions that partly have completely opposite views on what is right and not the right management of resources.

The community, through the public authorities, has as a major task to facilitate the conditions so that the economy as a whole is efficient and sustainable. When the state sets framework conditions for consumers and businesses, it is important to take into account the negative aspects of economic activity and, above all, environmental damage. These are tasks that require increased knowledge about the relationships between economics, ecology and technology. Economics can also be formulated as follows:

The interaction between economics, ecology and technology

Presents our time with particular scientific and moral challenges in order to ensure sustainable development. This must be based on the constraints nature, resources, technological level and social conditions place and in the conflicts that are triggered when environmental considerations are to be prioritized.

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