Finance services

Al Zaabi: KFH Auto offers fully integrated financial services

KFH Auto Finance and Leasing Executive Director Muaz Alzaabi said KFH Auto showroom includes the largest financial center in Kuwait to finance customer car needs and requirements and other products. He mentions that the showroom offers more than 22 financial products and services.

Al-Zaabi noted that KFH Auto is the largest automobile showroom in the Middle East, covering a total area of ​​38,000 square meters, of which 17,000 square meters are allocated for the exhibition of cars and other products. .

He added that KFH Auto is an environmentally friendly facility that is compatible with sustainability requirements and includes the following facilities:

  • “Chillers” air conditioning system using R134A gas

  • Solar energy system to benefit from solar energy and minimize the current level of energy use.

  • Lightweight and fire-resistant intelligent ceiling system (Parasol) which alleviated the load on the 40 ton building.

  • LED light system

  • Highly developed heat-resistant glass covering an area of ​​2000 meters to provide natural light and minimize AC charging and consumption.

  • Light sensor and water sensor to minimize electricity and water consumption.

  • The height of the building is 1.5 meters above ground level to avoid any emergency incident due to heavy rainfall and water drainage problems.

  • Charging systems for electric cars

  • Recycle ceramic floors.

He added that KFH Auto houses more than 200 cars, 28 agencies and 44 brands, including cars, motorcycles, jet skis and boats. The showroom represents an integrated city comprising everything related to the sale / purchase of new and used cars and other vehicles as well as rental, trade, traffic and insurance products. In addition, it contains a special section for women. platform

Al-Zaabi said that KFH launched its electronic platform for automotive services and offerings on its website in a step that is the first of its kind in Kuwait. Customers can view the latest automotive deals and make their choice. In addition, customers can submit a purchase or lease request through an electronic form on the KFH website. The platform is considered the first portal for anyone who wants to buy or rent cars. A specialized and highly qualified team updates information and follows up with customers from the start of the service until the finalization of the sale or rental transaction.

Solutions and Benefits

Al-Zaabi said that KFH’s services include: selling new cars, selling certified used cars with agent maintenance, selling motorcycles, jet skis, boats and marine equipment, the “Pay here and receive a car abroad” service covering 4 countries Egypt, Jordan, the United States and Turkey, operational leasing and retail and corporate financing, women’s services, new car financing and used from commercial offices and individuals, financing service for spare parts and accessories and sales service for trusted cars (Aman).

He added that the most distinguished financing solutions and benefits provided by KFH include agent guarantee and benefits, competitively priced cash or installment sale, appropriate payment terms, a method of settlement. flexible (salary deduction – bank transfer).

Al Zaabi pointed out that KFH is the first bank to launch leasing services in the market with benefits allowing KFH customers to own the car according to their needs for a period of around 5 years, including a takaful comprehensive insurance, a factory warranty, a replacement car in the event of maintenance. , repair or rental and discount benefit. The customer has the choice of buying the car or returning it to KFH at the end of the rental contract. KFH supplies a wide variety of highly regarded trademarks representing approximately 80 models through its operating finance and leasing programs.