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AMM Finance Services allegedly stole 6.5 million dinars

Muhammed A. Jallow, director of operations, AMM, Finance Services and Bureau De Change Ltd., said he was robbed in Sukuta as he attempted to deposit the money at his brother’s home by armed men in cloth of black with face masks.

He added that as he parked his car in front of his brother’s gate while waiting to hand over the money, he saw a vehicle speeding towards him. He added that he did not think they were armed robbers.

“I thought they had an emergency with the way they were driving,” he continued, saying that when the men found him sitting in his car, they ordered him to open the door.

He said he refused to open the door and the men fired two shots at the passenger side window and forcefully opened the door, punched him in the face with a large stick and left with the ‘silver.

He said after the men hit him he fell to the ground and cried for help but no one came to his aid. He added that the police had promised to investigate the case.

Mr Jallow said the vehicle used by the armed robbers was without a license plate, but said he could identify the men if he saw them.

Momodou Lamin Sakho, administrative director of AMM Finance Services and Bureau De Change Ltd., said he received a call from his CEO after midnight informing him of the incident.

He added that his CEO told him that in addition to the money, the armed robbers took three laptops.

The armed robbers he said, his CEO told him, spoke Wollof with a Senegalese accent.

He described the armed robbery as planned with Gambians in part.

The place where the theft took place is a one-way highway and they blocked the exit, he also said.

He noted that Gambia’s security needs to be enhanced within financial institutions as well as a secure means created to move money.