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AppDirect Launches AppCapital Suite of Digital Finance Services

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Innovative financial solutions allow technology traders to easily access finance to enable faster business growth

SAN FRANCISCO – AppDirect®, the leading subscription-based commerce platform company, today announced the launch of AppCapital, an innovative digital financial services suite that provides technology merchants with recurring revenue models with options flexible financing to accelerate the growth of their business. AppCapital complements the monetization and engagement services available through the AppDirect platform to deliver an integrated end-to-end solution for subscription commerce that reduces the risk and complexity of innovating with recurring revenue models.

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“The pace of business is faster than ever and companies that can scale quickly and respond to rapidly changing markets have a clear advantage,” said Daniel Saks, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AppDirect. “With AppCapital, we can give tech merchants easy access to financial tools that give them options to quickly grow their businesses without having to seek traditional financing. ”

The AppCapital suite of products addresses a growing need for digital finance options for tech merchants with recurring revenue businesses. For these sellers, traditional financing can be difficult and time consuming to obtain, or simply unavailable. In addition, existing investment programs based on commerce platforms largely target retail e-commerce companies. AppCapital is the most comprehensive digital finance offering for subscription commerce businesses available today.

The AppCapital suite of digital financial services includes:

AppCapital Invest: Offers up-front capital to entice tech traders to migrate their business books to the AppDirect platform. Provides quick and fair appraisals and residual monthly payments. Provides a faster and cheaper alternative to traditional mergers and acquisitions.

AppCapital Card: Gives tech merchants on the AppDirect platform instant access to projected month-to-month revenue without the cost and credit impact of a traditional business credit card.

AppCapital Advance: Provides technology traders on the AppDirect platform with up-front capital of up to 12 months of projected income without the cost and time of a traditional business loan.

AppCapital Trade: Offers technology dealers on the AppDirect platform the ability to trade and sell a portion of their business books for upfront capital.

As part of AppCapital, digital finance services can also be white label and offered by technology vendors as branded products. This enables technology merchants to offer innovative sources of finance to their partners without the complexity of building the technology or operational infrastructure themselves.

“We’ve been approached once a year for the past 10 years by someone to do something strategic. This is not a sunset plan for us, and we didn’t want it, ”said Steve Olsen, Founder and President of PSI Network. Olsen is a client of Invest and has migrated his business volume to the AppDirect platform. “We wanted someone who was financially stable. We wanted someone who had a good reputation and we wanted someone who had existing systems. All of these things that I know would not stay intact with other vendors.

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