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Dublin, March 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The report “Germany Embedded Finance Business and Investment Opportunities Databook – 50+ KPIs on Embedded Lending, Insurance, Payment, and Wealth Segments – Q1 2022 Update” has been added to from offer.

The German integrated finance sector is expected to grow by 33.5% on an annual basis to reach US$5,435.1 million in 2022.

The integrated finance industry is expected to grow steadily over the forecast period, registering a CAGR of 20.3% over the period 2022-2029. The integrated financial revenue in the country will increase from US$5,435.1 million in 2022 to reach US$14,886.2 million by 2029.

The wave of in-vehicle insurance has been gaining momentum in recent quarters in Germany, and several new start-ups are riding the wave with their innovative product launches. With the growth of the German insurtech industry, foreign insurtech companies plan to expand their presence in Germany. The publisher expects more global insurtech companies to launch their services in the country, subsequently driving innovation and competition in the German integrated insurance market over the next four to eight months. quarters.

The growing number of strategic partnerships among market players to launch innovative products in the country is expected to support the market growth over the next four to six quarters.

In July 2021, Zurich Group Company, one of the leading insurers in the field of property and casualty insurance, entered into a strategic partnership with Vodafone Germany. As part of the partnership, the two companies have launched short-term digital baggage cover exclusively available to Vodafone mobile customers in Germany.

The growth in the number of start-ups and financing activities is expected to further stimulate the development of the integrated insurance industry. Additionally, the publisher predicts that more insurtech companies in the country will raise capital to improve their platforms over the next four to eight quarters.

Germany being the largest consumer lending market in the European region, presents a huge growth opportunity for the integrated lending market players. As the economy evolves and the country becomes increasingly digital, banks and other financial service providers (FSPs) are increasingly looking for integrated financing solutions to improve customer experience and services.

Innovative new financial products introduced by market players are creating immense pressure on traditional banks to embrace technology, in order to gain competitive advantage. This has led to a growth in partnerships and collaborations between traditional financial services providers and technology providers. Ecosystem market players are also raising funds to expand their geographic operations.

In July 2021, the Berlin start-up Solarisbank raised $224 million. According to the company, the fund will be used to acquire British competitor Contis. In addition, the company plans to expand its activities in various countries in Europe.

Furthermore, the German retail sector is a predisposed market for the integration of integrated financial services. The rapid digitalization of the retail sector presents an attractive opportunity for integrated loan providers nationwide. The publisher expects significant growth in the retail integrated finance sector over the next four to six quarters.

Until the global pandemic, Germany was a dominant monetary economy. The payment landscape is changing with the growing demand for contactless payment methods. Online platforms are introducing new innovative payment products in various industries to gain a competitive advantage. This has led to the growth of partnerships and collaborations between integrated payment providers and online platforms.


Germany Integrated Finance Market Size and Forecast

Germany Embedded Lending Market Size and Forecast

Embedded Loans by Consumer Segments, 2020 – 2029

  • Business loans
  • Retail Loan

Integrated loans by B2B sectors, 2020 – 2029

  • Retail and consumer goods integrated lending
  • Loans embedded in IT and software services
  • Integrated loans in media, entertainment and leisure
  • Loans integrated into manufacturing and distribution
  • Loans integrated into real estate
  • Loans included in Other

Integrated loans by B2C sectors, 2020 – 2029

  • Retail Integrated Lending
  • Integrated Home Improvement Loans
  • Loans integrated into leisure and entertainment
  • Loans integrated into health care and well-being
  • Loans included in Other

Germany Integrated Insurance Market Size and Forecast

Integrated insurance by industry, 2020 – 2029

  • Insurance embedded in consumer products
  • Integrated travel and hospitality insurance
  • Integrated car insurance
  • Insurance integrated into health care
  • Integrated insurance in real estate
  • Integrated transport and logistics insurance
  • Insurance integrated into other

Integrated insurance by type of insurance, 2020 – 2029

  • Insurance integrated into the life segment
  • Insurance integrated into the non-life segment

Integrated insurance by type of offer, 2020 – 2029

  • Insurance integrated into the product segment
  • Integrated insurance in the services segment

Germany in-app payments market size and forecast

Integrated payment by consumer segments, 2020 – 2029

Integrated payment by end-use sector, 2020 – 2029

  • Integrated payment in retail and consumer goods
  • Integrated payment in digital products and services
  • Payment integrated into utility bill payment
  • Integrated Payment in Travel and Hospitality
  • Integrated payment in leisure and entertainment
  • Integrated payment in health and well-being
  • Integrated payment in office supplies and equipment
  • Embedded payment in Other

Germany Integrated Wealth Management Market Size and Forecast

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