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Health Care Financing Services | Womble Bond Dickinson

Widely recognized as a highly complex and tightly regulated industry, the healthcare sector faces a wide range of unique challenges that must be overcome, not only to achieve commercial success, but also for the health and protection of all parties. concerned.

At Womble Bond Dickinson, our talented team of healthcare finance lawyers have an unrivaled understanding of the industry and are dedicated to providing strategic advice to help clients achieve their goals. Well equipped to share invaluable legal and financial advice, our banking and finance team have spent years gaining experience in the healthcare field, particularly in the area of ​​healthcare SME lending, and has been rated a national leader by major UK players. Legal directories.

Due to the impressive reach of our law firm, with a network of offices across the UK and US, our healthcare finance team is also perfectly placed to advise in all jurisdictions of England, Wales and Scotland, as well as across the Atlantic. Our team of qualified Scottish solicitors in Edinburgh bolsters our cross-border capabilities, providing healthcare clients working in England and Scotland with the support they need to navigate and avoid potential pitfalls caused by differences in each country’s specific legislation. country.

Through decades of experience in all areas of the healthcare industry, our team has developed industry expertise that enables us to competently advise those who work with physicians, pharmacists, dentists and consultants, in clinics, residential care and fitness specialties, and in animals. healthcare and veterinary care.

Our main areas of service include:

  • Health operations
  • Health care restructuring and insolvency
  • Financing of medical equipment and financing of healthcare assets.

Health operations

An essential component of our healthcare financing service, our lawyers advise on all corporate transactions, utilizing their strong technical understanding and ability to act proactively, conduct and close transactions in a timely manner. .

Working with our healthcare compliance team, we advise on the following transactions for both healthcare lenders and borrowers:

  • Business acquisition documentation when the bank provides acquisition financing
  • Mergers and acquisitions related to divestitures, restructurings and refinancings
  • Stock purchase or business purchase agreements
  • Due Diligence Procedures
  • Transaction management
  • Real estate financing and real estate portfolio management
  • Post-completion issues.

Our teams are dedicated to building strong personal relationships with clients to ensure we have a deep understanding of their priorities. This approach not only serves to further enhance corporate finance strategies, but also helps guide other critical aspects of advice, including regulatory and compliance issues, employment and compensation issues, and a variety of issues. related to real estate, planning and construction.

Health care restructuring and insolvency

The Womble Bond Dickinson Healthcare Restructuring Service is designed to give clients confidence during difficult times caused by financial hardship. Our attorneys have notable experience dealing with businesses in these states and are experienced in providing legal advice to businesses ranging from residential and specialty care facilities to dental practices and cosmetic surgery providers.

Members of our restructuring team work with operators and lenders, including private equity providers, to seek a solvent solution for the underlying business. Where a solvent solution is not possible, we work closely with appointed insolvency practitioners to seek a viable sale of the business, with the aim of disrupting the underlying care delivery as little as possible in cases related to elderly and vulnerable residents.

Over time, our Healthcare Restructuring and Insolvency team has achieved a number of notable accomplishments that help it provide customers with the best possible service. Team members were seconded to UK clearing bank business support teams and had first-hand contact with failing healthcare operators from a lender’s perspective. The team as a whole is also part of the CQC legal panel, and examples of their work include:

  • Liquidation of a large multi-operator group in the accommodation and specialized care sector
  • Advising a compensation bank in the context of a failing multi-site dental group
  • Provide advice to boards of directors of residential care operators who have faced CQC regulatory issues and the impact on working capital requirements
  • Working with a large residential house business group (c40 houses) which was acquired by a US private equity fund which avoided a large scale administration affecting approximately 1600 residents
  • Assisting the Independent Specialists who made up the Board of Directors and then subsequent Trustees of the Castlebeck Group of Care Homes
  • Provide legal advice regarding the first Stage 6 notification given to a local authority regarding a defaulting care home provider
  • Advising investors on a cosmetic surgery business and its options for continuing to trade and the prepackaged sale of the business through administration.

Financing of medical equipment and financing of healthcare assets

Operating with a proven track record in negotiating bespoke and off-the-shelf medical equipment finance and lease agreements, the third tier of our healthcare finance service aims to ensure businesses have access to their medical assets and pharmaceuticals or make the most of them. Drawing on many years of experience, we provide advice on everything from the initial contract negotiation and drafting stages, to asset refinancing and end-of-lease agreements, to ensure clients have access to support consistent.

Working in conjunction with our tax, financial services regulatory and litigation teams, the medical equipment finance team also provides assistance and advice on contentious asset claims. This includes third-party title disputes, point-of-sale misrepresentation, incorrect sale-by-description, three-party satisfactory quality disputes, and warranty claims.

If you operate in the broad healthcare sector and need the help of a specialist healthcare finance lawyer to provide you with tailored legal advice, the team at Womble Bond Dickinson can help. . Contact us online by completing our simple application form or contact a member of our team directly.