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Singapore’s Integrated Financial Markets and Investment Opportunities Report 2022: Market to grow from US$1,046.6m in 2022 to US$2,845.1m by 2029 –

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According to the Integrated Finance Survey for the fourth quarter of 2021, the integrated finance industry in the country is expected to grow 33.7% on an annual basis to reach US$1,046.6 million in 2022.

The integrated finance industry is expected to grow steadily over the forecast period, registering a CAGR of 20.2% over the period 2022-2029. The integrated financial revenue in the country will increase from US$1,046.6 million in 2022 to US$2,845.1 million by 2029.

With new insurtech companies entering the onboard insurance market in Singapore, the publisher expects innovation and competition to intensify in the country. Additionally, with insurtech companies using modern technologies such as AI and machine learning to innovate with their product offerings, the publisher expects insurtech companies to invest heavily in these technologies. over the next four to six quarters.

Additionally, growth is expected to be driven by increased partnerships between insurtech and e-commerce platforms.

  • In May 2021, Singapore-based insurtech Bolttech entered into a strategic alliance with Tiki, an e-commerce platform in Vietnam. The collaboration is expected to increase Bolttech’s market share in the in-vehicle insurance market.

The integrated insurance market in Singapore is also seeing an increasing number of mergers and acquisitions in recent quarters.

  • Bolttech has acquired Berlin-based i-surance, the next-generation B2B2C digital insurance platform. The acquisition was part of Bolttech’s global expansion strategy. The company was present in 14 countries before this agreement. With this acquisition, Bolttech is now present in 26 countries in North America, Asia and Europe.

The fintech industry in Singapore continued its momentum in 2021 thanks to the country’s favorable regulatory environment. Innovation in the fintech sector has driven the growth of the integrated lending industry in Singapore and is expected to remain an important growth driver in the future.

Moreover, the growing opportunities in the fintech industry have also attracted the attention of funds from foreign investors. These growing investments are expected to propel innovation and technological advancements in the integrated lending market.

  • In June 2021, MatchMove, a Singapore-based integrated finance player, received US$100 million from an American company Nityo. With the funds raised, MatchMove plans to empower its customers by integrating own-brand digital financial services into their own platforms and apps.

With new foreign companies entering the integrated lending market in Singapore, the publisher expects innovation and competition to intensify in the country, which will drive the industry’s growth over the next four months. to the next eight quarters.

Additionally, innovation in the fintech sector has driven the growth of the in-app payments industry in Singapore and is expected to remain an important growth driver over the next 24 months. The country has become a global hotspot for fintech start-ups. A growing number of international players are entering the integrated payments industry in Singapore to take advantage of the growing opportunity.

In January 2022, Australian fintech platform Airwallex expanded its presence in Singapore. The company has obtained its Major Payment Institution (MPI) license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Additionally, with the Singapore government’s growing support for fintech companies, the country is expected to see an influx of new product launches and technology development in payment platforms over the next four to six quarters.


Singapore Integrated Finance Market Size and Forecast

Singapore Embedded Lending Market Size and Forecast

Embedded Loans by Consumer Segments, 2020 – 2029

  • Business loans

  • Retail loan

Integrated loans by B2B sectors, 2020 – 2029

  • Retail and consumer goods integrated lending

  • Loans embedded in IT and software services

  • Integrated loans in media, entertainment and leisure

  • Loans integrated into manufacturing and distribution

  • Loans integrated into real estate

  • Loans included in Other

Integrated loans by B2C sectors, 2020 – 2029

  • Retail Integrated Lending

  • Integrated Home Improvement Loans

  • Loans integrated into leisure and entertainment

  • Loans integrated into health care and well-being

  • Loans included in Other

Singapore Integrated Insurance Market Size and Forecast

Integrated insurance by industry, 2020 – 2029

  • Insurance embedded in consumer products

  • Integrated travel and hospitality insurance

  • Integrated car insurance

  • Insurance integrated into health care

  • Integrated insurance in real estate

  • Integrated transport and logistics insurance

  • Insurance integrated into other

Integrated insurance by type of insurance, 2020 – 2029

  • Insurance integrated into the life segment

  • Insurance integrated into the non-life segment

Integrated insurance by type of offer, 2020 – 2029

  • Insurance integrated into the product segment

  • Integrated insurance in the services segment

Singapore In-App Payments Market Size and Forecast

Integrated payment by consumer segments, 2020 – 2029

Integrated payment by end-use sector, 2020 – 2029

  • Integrated payment in retail and consumer goods

  • Integrated payment in digital products and services

  • Payment integrated into utility bill payment

  • Integrated Payment in Travel and Hospitality

  • Integrated payment in leisure and entertainment

  • Integrated payment in health and well-being

  • Integrated payment in office supplies and equipment

  • Embedded payment in Other

Singapore Integrated Wealth Management Market Size and Forecast

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